A Audio Visual Equipment

We will help you determine the best wireless communication technology that matches your needs.

Our technicians will offer you the best experience with high-quality technology.

Audio Visual Equipment: 

  • Interpretation booths
  • Headsets
  • Sound systems
  • Fixed and wireless microphones
  • Video Projects
  • Data Show Projectors
  • Screens
  • Laptops
  • Color photocopiers/
  • Printers, scanners …

The following factors help us determine your event’s equipment needs:

  • The event is Indoor or Outdoor
  • Number of rooms or locations that will require equipment
  • How many languages do you need interpreted?
  • Number of people that will need interpretation
  • Physical location of interpreters in relation to the audience? 

Conference Organization

Our office is willingly ready to serve your conference in the following fashion:

Organizational duties:

  • Media campaign prior and during the conference, covering the TV. and newspapers
  • Processing announcements to delegates and attendees
  • Brochures, posters and publication design and production
  • Conference badges, bags, give aways and other related items upon request
  • Providing: Partitions, Audio visual aids, Lay out and lighting arrangements
  • Hotel reservation (rooms, conference hall, lecture rooms)
  • Transporting attendees from/to airport and hotel
  • Sightseeing and touristic programs arrangement

L Language Pairs

HBC works with over 20 various languages, from English to Portuguese. We are the world’s trusted provider of quality translation and educational solutions as well as onsite interpreting, and document translation services.

Source Language Target Language
Korean Tibetan
Pashto Arabic
Slovak Pashto
Arabic Korean
Tibetan Afrikaans
Afrikaans Slovak

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