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  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Meetings

We take great pride in our team of internationally recognized interpreters holding diversified expertise. 

  • UN & AIIC Interpreters/Translators
  • All language combinations
  • Each of our interpreters is fluent in translating both the meaning and tone of your words, sharing the complete message as intended by the speaker. 
  • 5+ years of experience
  • State-of-the-art interpretation equipment 

We will help you figure out how many interpreters you need and how best to deploy them. We will assist you set up your conference room while advising you on logistics and protocol.


  • Date
  • Event venue
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Type of event
  • Subject
  • Agenda
  • Language(s)
  • Number of participants
  • Audio-visual needs
  • Number of locations requiring equipment
  • Seating plan (Theatre style – U shape)
  • Physical location of interpreters in relation to the audience
  • Is translation also required

Some conferences & seminars references

  • 20th Arab International Cement Conference & Exhibition (AICCE20)
  • Agrium, Interpretation (English / Arabic) during General Assembly meetings and Board Meetings
  • AID for Trade Initiative for Arab States, The League of Arab States – UNDP
  • Alexandria Library Board of Trustees meetings (English/French/Arabic)
  • Arab Cement, League of Arab States, Council of Arab Economic Unity. Conference interpretation English /Arabic/ French and reports Translation. Services included: Providing event managers, technicians, interpretation and office equipment, video film production, montage, and photography.
  • Arab Economic Integration Workshop, Arab League - UNDP
  • Arab Water Council, Translation, interpretation English /Arabic/ French, providing equipment.
  • Arab Women in the Sustainable Development Agenda 2015 – 2030”, The League of Arab States – UNDP
  • AVCA 8th Annual Conference - Investment Opportunities in Africa
  • Coca-Cola Middle East seminars (English/Arabic)
  • Customs Reform Conference, The League of Arab States – UNDP
  • EMECO Travel, Conference Organization Department. Interpretation in numerous conferences managed by the company
  • Exxon Mobile (English/Arabic)
  • Fostering Regional Integration on Investment, The League of Arab States – Swedish International Co-operation Agency 
  • Governance for Employability in the Mediterranean – EU funded
  • Greenfield Aviation and Duncan Aviation. Interpretation during meetings with the Egyptian Military 
  • Inauguration of Alexandria Library (English /French/ Arabic/ Spanish/ German)
  • Intergas Annual Conference (English /French/ Arabic/ Spanish/ German/ Russian/ Chinese)
  • International Youth Conference, Alexandria Library (English /French/ Arabic/ Spanish/ Italian)
  • JICA – Japanese International Cooperation Agency, simultaneous interpretation (English/Arabic/Japanese) for good governance and faire Presidential Election conferences and seminars. Translation of related materials
  • League of Arab States, Council of Arab Economic Unity. Conference interpretation English /Arabic/ French and reports Translation. Services included: Providing event managers, technicians, interpretation equipment, video film production, montage, photography.
  • National Seminar on the Role of Women in Leadership (English/Arabic). Reference: Asmaa Mohamed, Trade Agreements, Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry
  • Promoting Sustainable Investment in Egypt’s Food Security, (English/ Arabic/ Russian). Organized by: the FAO, European Bank, World Bank Group
  • Public Prosecutions for Western Australia, interpretation for Civil trial in the Supreme Court of Western Australia Via a video link (English/ Arabic).
  • Stolt Offshore Petroleum Company board of directors’ conference (English/ Arabic)
  • Third Arab Water Forum, (English /French/ Arabic/ Spanish/ Italian/German)
  • Trade Negotiation Techniques for Deeper Arab Economic Integration for Inclusive Growth, ESCWA – LAS.
  • UNDP, simultaneous interpretation for a number of conferences and seminars, languages: English/Arabic/Spanish/French. Written translation from and into the following languages English/Arabic/Spanish/French, Aid for Trade Initiative 
  • UNFPA conferences & Seminars (English/Arabic)
  • UNICEF conferences & Seminars (English/Arabic)
  • United Nations (New York) / ESCWA & CAPMAS Seminar (English/Arabic)
  • US Census Bureau seminar (English/Arabic)
  • US Department of Commerce Seminar & Training Courses (English/Arabic)
  • Workshop on Trade in Services for Arab Countries, The League of Arab States – UNDP
  • Workshop with Egyptian Dual System Technical Secretariat: Further Developing Mission, Governance, and Strategy, Organized by: German Cooperation and the GIZ.
  • World Congress of the World Federation for Mental Health - WFMH (English/Spanish/Arabic)

L Language Pairs

Source Language Target Language
Arabic Spanish
Chinese Russian
English Japanese
French Italian
German Hindi
Hindi German
Italian French
Japanese English
Russian Chinese
Spanish Arabic

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