T Translation & Localization

Allow our experienced in-house translators to help you establish worldwide communication. We respect the unique cultural characteristic of your targeted markets. Our Quality Assurance System guarantees the accuracy and consistency of each and every job. HBC's capable Management System guarantees timely delivery of stylistically sound translations. HBC strictly respects and implements your requirements and timeframe for each assignment. 

Over twenty years of experience with numerous international organizations including the, UNDP, UNODC, UN, JICA, EU projects, Anna Lindh Foundation among many other esteemed entities asserts our ability to perform the tasks requested. 

With Quality being the spine of our success, We DELIVER:

Legal & Specialized Translation

  • Proven proficient expertise in All Languages and Subjects
  • Multi-lingual scientists, engineers, financial and legal experts
  • Distinguished native linguists possessing technical and creative ingenuity 
  • HBC translators have at least 5 years of experience in the translation subject matter.
  • We understand the cultural differences between languages and will use the precise terminology suitable for your industry and targeted markets
  • Receive a print-ready document preserving original format, thanks to our variety of software used & desktop team
  • Customized terminology dictionary for each industry and each client expedites the translation process and safeguards consistency. 

Translation is performed by experienced professional staff and edited by a subject matter specialist. Proofreading is achieved by the translators for second vetting to ensure quality.  Final review by the copyeditor. 

Quality Assurance
Quality assurance is not just a step at the end of a project; it is an intrinsic part of the process. Starting with the selection of the translators; most apt to perform the required task. Your project is only managed by a native / almost native speaker and specialist in the domain. 

The terminology and glossary database developed from previous jobs and always updated ensures text consistency and style conformity.

Production Capacity
HBC distinguishes itself as the translation company with expandable local capacity to meet global demand, with an international staff of 50 linguists able to work in-house our extended team comprises over 3500 freelance translators and copyeditors.

Tight deadlines? No problem. HBC will help with

  Accuracy, Professionalism & Confidentiality  

Translation Management System:
Make your life easier by putting our project management team to work; planning, coordinating, and controlling the process until timely delivery.

Heliopolis Business Center's experience in managing large translation projects guarantees the fulfilment of all the contractual requirements in a timely fashion. 

Dedicated Project Managers
In a collective effort to successfully complete your project while abiding by your requirements and deadlines, HBC 's Project Managers serve as a bridge between you and our team, providing you with immediate assistance as well as make certain that your project runs smoothly. 

Your HBC Project Manager shall select the most suitable professional translators, proofreaders, and desktop publishers for your job. The PM oversees quality control at every stage while ensuring your deadlines are promptly met.

T Translation & Localization

Certified/ Legal Translation

Accreditation: HBC is authenticated by the USA, UK, Swiss, Canadian, French & Australian embassies among others, along with governmental entities as a certified translation office.We authenticate our translation by providing a Translation Accuracy Affidavit, signing and stamping every page with our officially recognized seal and accredited CEO's signature.Legalized Personal Documents Translation: This service covers the duly translations of all kinds of documents to be acknowledged by the Notary Public, Ministries, Embassies, government offices, courts, schools, universities or any other official body in Egypt and abroad. Ensure acceptance with our legal translation services

Specialized Translation

Heliopolis Business Center knows that by translation you are not only conveying a message, but you are also reaching out to foreign cultures and markets to prompt a desired action. This demands a translation service provider with a flawless grasp on both linguistic and cultural distinctions to help provide clear and concise communication between you and others.For that end, we offer the assistance of our professional team of translators and copyeditors, real collaborators who are trained to coordinate and problem-solve alongside our programmers and technical experts at each stage of the process.

Multimedia Content Localization

Boost the international visibility of your multilingual website, software and other multimedia material using our professional localization team that adapts your content into the targeted language and cultural environment. HBC's capable management system guarantees the precision and accuracy of every translation project. Our Quality Assurance system guarantees the accuracy and consistency of each and every job.

Translation Management

Make your life easier by putting our project management team to work; planning, coordinating, and controlling the process until timely delivery.Your HBC Project Manager shall select the most suitable translators for your specific job, oversee quality control at every stage while ensuring your deadlines are met.


L Language Pairs

Source Language Target Language
Arabic Spanish
Chinese Russian
English Japanese
French Italian
German Hindi
Hindi German
Italian French
Japanese English
Russian Chinese
Spanish Arabic

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