C Copy Editing / Proofreading

Editing process to include:

  • Copyediting, proofreading, restructuring and rewriting if required
  • Correct spelling and appropriate use of words with correct grammar and syntax
  • A consistent style and format throughout the document
  • Correct use of language while maintaining the authors’ writing style to the extent practical
  • Appropriate positioning and numbering of boxes, figures and tables
  • Consistent font (s) – as relevant to headings and text
  • Appropriate use of italicized and bolded words
  • Ensure all footnotes, sources, references are complete and consistent
  • Proofread designed layout files and infographic to ensure a complete print ready file.

We pledge to deliver precision and accuracy with directed, short, user-friendly, consistent language. The text will be well-written, so to be understandable to the intended user.

L Language Pairs

Source Language Target Language
Arabic Spanish
Chinese Russian
English Japanese
French Italian
German Hindi
Hindi German
Italian French
Japanese English
Russian Chinese
Spanish Arabic

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