A long list of professional staffers is available for your assistance. Our database includes many specialties. Candidates are screened, tested and assessed to save your interviewing and search time. Our lists include engineers, MIS specialists, accountants, office managers, secretaries and receptionists among others. Permanent and temporary placements can be arranged depending on your requirements.

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The second party will advise the first party of the suggested time schedule for the interviewing the eligible candidates. The first party shall pay a recruitment fee to the second Party equivalent to one month salary per post upon accepting to hire the forwarded candidate.

L Language Pairs

HBC works with over 20 various languages, from English to Portuguese. We are the world’s trusted provider of quality translation and educational solutions as well as onsite interpreting, and document translation services.

Source Language Target Language
Serbian Serbian
Latvian Latvian
Russian Amharic
Chinese Chinese
Amharic Lappish
Lappish Russian

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