S Sedika Abu Seda


Heliopolis Business Center Director

Organized and/or interpreted during conferences / seminars for the following entities among others: European Commission, GIZ, League of Arab States, Ministry of Antiquity – Egypt, Ministry of Culture – Egypt, Ministry of Economy – Egypt, Ministry of Scientific Research – Egypt, Ministry of Tourism – Egypt, UNDP, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNICEF, and the World Bank



Bachelor of Arts in English language and Simultaneous Interpretation, Al-Azhar University.

Simultaneous Interpretation & Translation Diploma English/Arabic/ English, American University in Cairo (AUC).


Contact Details:

Email: ceo@HBC-Egypt.org, SedikaS@gmail.com
Cellular: +2  010-189-9969

L Language Pairs

Source Language Target Language
Arabic Spanish
Chinese Russian
English Japanese
French Italian
German Hindi
Hindi German
Italian French
Japanese English
Russian Chinese
Spanish Arabic

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